Collection: S.M. Ehsan

S.M. Ehsan, a versatile artist and dedicated educator based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, was born on November 21, 1986. Currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Development Alternative (UODA), he specializes in Fine Arts and Printmaking, extending his artistic prowess to painting, sculpture, drawing, and photography. His teaching philosophy centers on experiential learning, encouraging students to actively participate in the art creation process and build robust portfolios through exhibitions and real-world projects. Holding a Master's and Bachelor's in Printmaking from UODA, Ehsan's academic journey includes a strong foundation in science. His artistic engagements range from curatorial roles and major group exhibitions to installation shows and international art events. Actively contributing to workshops and camps, Ehsan has received awards for social contributions and merits in printmaking. His artwork is featured in esteemed collections globally, including the National Gallery and Museum of Bangladesh. With a media presence in TV programs and theatre drama plays, S.M. Ehsan's profile reflects a dynamic blend of academic rigor, artistic diversity, and community engagement, showcasing a career devoted to both students and the broader artistic community.

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