Collection: Azmeer Hossain

Azmeer Hossain is a versatile Freelance Artist, recognized for his prowess in painting and mixed media. His artistic journey includes educational pursuits at prestigious institutions such as the Art Student’s League of New York, USA, and the Institute of Fine Art, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Azmeer has continually evolved his craft through various solo and group exhibitions, demonstrating a keen eye for detail and a profound connection with his subjects.

In his solo exhibitions like "The Beckoning Horizon" and "From the Pages of Memory," Azmeer showcases a distinctive blend of creativity and memory. His participation in numerous group exhibitions, including the Asian Art Biennale and the World Peace Conference Exhibition, attests to his commitment to art with a purpose.

Azmeer's artistic footprint extends globally, with exhibitions in the USA, Netherlands, India, and Indonesia. He has been part of prestigious art camps and workshops, further enriching his artistic expression. Noteworthy is his role in the Carand'Ache Art Camp and the Lab Aid Art Camp, where his art not only reflects personal expression but also engages with broader societal themes.

As an administrator and secretary for the 5th Tone International Art Biennale, Azmeer demonstrated leadership and organizational skills. His art resides in collections worldwide, including the Bangladesh Embassy in Washington DC, the Indonesian Cultural Ministry, and private collections in the USA and beyond. Azmeer Hossain's art goes beyond aesthetics; it is a profound exploration of memory, culture, and the essence of human experience.

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