Collection: Kamruzzoha

Kamruzzoha, born in 1984, is a highly accomplished artist known for his prowess in painting. Holding an MFA from Rabindra Bharati University and a BFA from the University of Development Alternative, his artistic journey is marked by significant achievements.

He has showcased his talent in numerous solo and group exhibitions, earning accolades such as the first winner at the CREATORS ART CARNIVAL and recognition in the International Exhibition of Creativity in West Bengal. Kamruzzoha's participation in international events and workshops, including the Art Against Corona Art Camp, reflects his global footprint.

His dynamic artistry has been acknowledged through various scholarships, including the prestigious Indian Government Scholarship from ICCR. Kamruzzoha's diverse portfolio and active involvement in the art community position him as a visionary artist contributing significantly to the cultural landscape of Bangladesh and beyond.