Collection: Monidipa Dasgupta

Monidipa Dasgupta, born on January 11, 1973, resides in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is an enthusiastic artist driven by a profound desire to explore and reimagine urban life through her artwork, capturing intricate details to convey her narratives. Her background primarily lies in graphic design, and she has been increasingly drawn to the stylistic patterns found in nature, heavily influenced by art forms such as African, Australian Aboriginal, and various Indian folk arts (including Madhubani, Gond, and Warli art), as well as indigenous art from around the world.

Monidipa graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Dhaka, specializing in Graphic Design. Her professional journey began as a Graphic Designer at BEXIMCO Online (BOL). Simultaneously, she established a home-based boutique where she delved into textiles, crafting her own designs for women's clothing. Later, she pursued a role as a Fashion Designer at Dressy Dale.

Upon returning to the world of art, Monidipa's passion for textiles, intricate patterns, geometric forms, technology-driven designs, and a vibrant exploration of color and printmaking have found expression in her recent works. Her artistic endeavors offer a unique fusion of her graphic design background and her fascination with the beauty and diversity of artistic traditions from around the globe.