Collection: Nazia Ahmed

Nazia Ahmed is an aspiring Bengali artist driven by a deep fascination for the beauty inherent in the world around us. Her artwork vividly captures the colors and shapes found in her environment, serving as a canvas for the dreams and inspiration derived from her surroundings. Nazia's artistic journey is a poignant expression of her childhood, life experiences, and the vibrant tapestry of her life.

Artistic Philosophy:
Art is more than a practice for Nazia; it is her life, dream, and passion. Each stroke of her paintbrush tells a unique story, with every painting containing a piece of her essence. Motivated by a desire to contribute to the beauty of the world, Nazia channels her emotions and experiences into her art, creating a vivid and personal narrative.


Solo Exhibitions:

"Involutary Solitude" - Nordic Club (2022)
"Life Collages" - American Embassy Employee Association (AEEA) (2019)
"Colors of Bangladesh" - American Embassy Employee Association (AEEA) (2018)
"Of Pen & Paint: Visions of Nature" - Bagha Club (2012)
Group Exhibitions:

"TWO BY TWO Group Art Exhibition," Cerulean Arts, Philadelphia, USA (2023)
"Zervasart" Virtual Art Exhibition, Lucknow, India (2023)
"Awadh 2023" by Awadh Art Festival at India Habitat Centre (2023)
Participant at Group Exhibition in Madaripur Shilpakhala in Memory of Ekushe Padak Artist Kazi Anwar Hossain (2023)
"Bangla Art Fest" - Art Residence Mymensingh (2022)
"Realizing Divine Harmony" 9th Oriental Painting Exhibition at Abinta Gallery of Fine Arts (2022)
"Chitrashaala 2022 International Art Residency" at Rishikesh, India (2022)
"Safarnama" 2022 by COG India Art Foundation at New Delhi, India (2022)
"Woman in Art" - Dhaka American Women's Club (DAWC) at Bay Edge Gallery (2019)

Collaborative art initiative supported by UNHCR, acting as an Art Facilitator/Educator for a community mural with the Rohingya community at Bhashan Char/Relocated Island (2022)
Art installer for "Elephant in the Room" at Dubai Design District (2021) and Canadian High Commission (2020)
Project Coordinator for 15 Italian Contemporary Art day (Giornata Del Contemporaneo) at Bay Edge Gallery (2019)
Project Coordinator for Canadian Contemporary Artist "Charles Pachter's" show at the National Museum of Bangladesh (2018)